Greetings from Campus Quality Management Cell

D Y Patil Educational Complex, Akurdi, Pune

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Read the "Note" and click on Go button.


Finally this tab will be stress buster for the users to calculate the hectic calculation on few clicks😎

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Download 32-bit Setup

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How to Install

Select the path on your choice to download the setup also while installing click on create shortcut on the desktop

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How to Use

Step 1

Read the Note and click on the "Go" button.

Step 2

Click on the "Upload File" to select the .xlsx extension file

Step 3

You can check whether the selected file is correct or not by viewing data in side window .

Step 4

To obtain the Attainment and Discrimination index click on the "Calculate Attainment & Discrimination Index" button and enter the maximum marks .

Step 5

The result will be shown and it will ask to save the data in the excel file. After clicking on "Yes button the data will be get stored in path "C:/attainDI/Remark.xlsx"

Step 6

The data will be get stored in the attainDI folder as Remark.xlsx in which DI and AI will be get stored.

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